Excavations SLD C&D Debris Facility  

The SLD Construction and Debris Recycling Facility had an overall construction cost of over $12 million.


The 373.5 acres C&D landfill included two disposal cells, six dry detention areas that could accommodate the 100 year 24 hour storm event, and a 137 acre slough that was granted over to the State as a conservation easement. This development triggered a large scale drainage basin study which encompassed several square miles. The study confirmed the capacity and size of the box culvert crossing US 41 at Zemel Road and the tailwater condition at the proposed site. The tailwater determination was then used to calculate the culvert size necessary to cross the slough within the proposed development. In addition, SED’s design accommodated existing regional sheet flow to create a project that did not significantly impact flow patterns in the area.

Project Details

  • Location: Charlotte County, FL
  • Category: Solid Waste / Excavation